Meet Vanessa of VMR Agency

VMR Agency- one of Mobile’s marketing gems. What makes it really special is that Vanessa Reyner is the owner and founder (giving it the VMR of Agency) and she is a gift to the Mobile community. How? This is where it gets good.


Let's start with work. Over the past six years, VMR Agency has been open and working with private businesses. Its success is evident in their campaigns you see around town- The Gulf State Fair, Dauphin Way United Methodist Church, St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Fairhope Brewing, just to name a few. As their website says, their “client roster is a motley crew.” Working with these businesses and non-profits has given them the opportunity to launch their Purpose Project, which just has me swooning. Their Purpose Project provides a comprehensive marketing campaign for FREE to a non-profit or for-purpose organization. Each year, VMR Agency seeks out who has the most need of various applicants and last year they were able to work with Children of the World, an international adoption agency. VMR helped Children of the World gain more exposure than they’ve ever gotten in their 20 years of business. How incredible is that? The result…ADOPTIONS!

This year, their Purpose Project was given to Victory Health Partners. They are working together to help encourage 20-30 year olds to be change makers in their community through a new social media campaign. The campaign hasn’t rolled out yet (it’s set to be released in September), but it's sure to be amazing in every way, so be on the lookout. (I can’t wait to see the branding around town and see everything unfold!)

These Purpose Projects didn’t just happen by accident, they happened because Vanessa knows that her secular and sacred spaces overlap. See, I met Vanessa in church a few years back and I saw her heart of gold and drive to share the gospel in tangible ways the first time I heard her speak. She is a woman of faith and love that pours back into the lives of others every chance she gets. Not only is she running this incredible business, she’s raising two small children (Virginia and Mac, who are too cute for words- seriously I could go on and on about how much I want to be able to hold and squish sweet Mac), supporting her husband, Wayne, (who is also an entrepreneur, check him out here), leading couples’ small groups out of her home, and leading women’s Bible studies. It makes my head spin just thinking about it. She would be the first to tell you that she does it all through the grace of God. Seriously. In fact, when I told her I was writing the next Mobile Spotlight on her she immediately was like, “oh, please don’t, that’s so embarrassing!” Luckily for all of us, I chose to disregard her opinion on that matter and tell you all about another amazing person that Mobile can boast about. 

Her latest project is a joint effort with Brad and Rachel Goode. They are working together to build Full & Well Magazine, a magazine that will put beautiful things in the world. "Full & Well is for men & women, professionals & stay at home parents. It is for anyone who desires to hear ideas, examples, & inspiration for how we can make every moment count." They are writing because they know that every moment is sacred. I suggest you jump on that train (it's launching this Fall) because it's going to be amazing! You can sign-up here to stay in the know and get some inspiring, amazingness in your inbox each week (so, so much better than all that spam that currently reads 109208 in my college email inbox, but I digress.)  

Vanessa, my family is thankful to know you and your entire family. Thank you for giving back to Mobile in such beautiful ways and making this an even better place to live.


Meet Hadley of Hadley Binion Designs

Last week, I stated that in my first short few weeks as a entrepreneur I have already met some amazing people here in Mobile working and crushing it! I promised to showcase them. Here's my first amazing person and she's a great one to start with!

Meet Hadley.

If you don’t know her, you should. I met her at church over two years ago when we were both bouncing babies outside of the church service. I’ll never forget, she was bouncing Mac and telling me how big he was when he was born. It made me laugh and we bonded over both of our boys being big babies (my Wren was 10 pounds 9 ounces in the delivery room!). Her sweet warmth and smile immediately told me we would be fast friends.

Fast forward a year and we were in a sweet bible study together. I had the privilege of seeing Hadley’s heart for the Lord and hearing how her parents poured into her life in a remarkable way and I learned of her talent.  She said, “I work with clients to get them branded.” Now I won’t lie to you, I thought I had an idea of what that meant, but I really didn’t. What she meant was that she is an artist on the computer (my words, not hers as she’s humbler than that). She talks to people who run businesses all over the United States and works with them to create logos and branding even when they don’t have the right words to describe what they want.


How do I know that you ask?

Because she did just that for me.

I called her one day and said, “Hadley, I’m thinking of starting a little business (MK Online Solutions).” From that moment, not only did she help me brand the company (when I had no idea where to even start), but she encouraged me to pursue my dream of starting something for myself. How amazing is that? She was (and is!) a coach, a mentor and an artist.

She writes, “I am passionate about branding. When it comes to design, there’s nothing I enjoy more than creating a custom, meaningful brand from the ground up. I’ve designed logos and branding boards for years, and one of the main lessons I’ve learned is that the branding process doesn’t just take place on the surface. In order to be successful, branding must go much deeper than that.”

I’m a small fish compared to the amazing clients she’s worked with throughout the years- click here to view her portfolio and check out all the amazing work she’s done!

Not only has she accomplished so much on the business side, but she’s also a full-time mom and wife working out of her home office and she does it all with excellence and grace.

Hadley, thank you for helping me brand my newest baby and thank you for making Mobile such a beautiful place! 

All photographs by Devin Ford Photography