What Inspires Me

So, I’m new at this. This whole ‘let’s start a business and believe in our dreams’ sort of thing. I’ve always had these ideas of how to make things get noticed and up until this point I’ve always had the thought, “well someone else will do it so there is no need for me to.” Not anymore.

One of the most amazing things has started to happen…I’ve entered conversations with other people around town who are doing the same thing- chasing their dreams and making it happen. While some of these brilliant people are men, most have been women and I’m just awestruck. Awestruck by the fact that these women are raising children, caring for entire families and rocking the entrepreneur world. Of course they are rocking it. Mobile is comprised of amazing people and I want to highlight them for you because they deserve unsolicited praise for their work in the community and for their families (men and women alike!).

So, stay tuned…this is for you!